Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 55, Core Synergistics

Good workout this morning. I don't think Sarah really likes this workout much but I think it is OK. I don't think it is very tough though except the lunge, kickback, curl, press, reverse curl move and that is really only hard because you do it for so long. Even though it does not seem to tough to me when we are doing it my core always feels ragged after we finish. I have a band around my mid section right now that is taught as hell and feels like it got a great workout. This is just a strange workout that way for me.

Sent most of the leftover food home with others last night so we don't have too much junk here but we did somehow end up with all the pies. We have an apple and a pumpkin. I had a very tiny piece of the pumpkin last night and it was damn good, Sarah can really make a pie. I think Sarah had some of each which is good considering she spent all that time making them. Need to figure out someone to have over to eat the pies soon. Looking forward to a long weekend with nothing to do, should be relaxing.

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