Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 40, Nice Round Number

We just finished Legs and Back and I made some minor gains on the pull ups and also seem stronger in the legs but it is hard to say because there is not a lot of weights involved in the leg work. I would like it if they had switched this workout during the 90 days instead of the same one the whole time. This thing seems almost as if it was an afterthought to the program or something. I also don't like the fact that phase 2 has you doing back on Wed. and again on Fri. This seems like poor planning and does not allow me to be able to get the most out of the back workout or get the rest for my muscles I need. And what the hell is Tony talking about at the intro to this one when he says the reason he can do so many pull ups is because he works back and legs together... what the hell is that supposed to mean??? Oh well, I am getting stronger and still enjoying the program but I think this one could be better. Ab Ripper was good but again I am much better with this on Monday after the break than Friday after doing workouts all week and Yoga Belly 7 the day before.

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