Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 36

Just finished chest, triceps, and shoulders and what a great workout that is. I like the phase 2 workouts better than the phase 1 for sure. I fell on my face trying to squeeze out one last plange push up tonight, can't imagine doing them without my feet like this guy.I feel like I am getting more out of these phase 2 workouts than I was out of the phase 1 workouts, I am going to be real sore tomorrow. Sarah really brought it tonight as well, should be funny when she has to lift the kids tomorrow. I like the fact that my grandmother is in this video too, and she outworks me no less. Laura is one bad ass for her age or my age for that matter. A quick thanks to Fitbomb for posting the yummy looking granola recipe. Check it out we will be trying that here real soon. I kicked some serious ass on Ab Ripper X tonight too. I definitely am getting a lot better with this workout but I still have problems with heals to the heavens. I was pretty disappointed with my performance on Ab Ripper on Friday but I am pretty sure it is due to doing Yoga Belly 7 the night before.

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