Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 50 rewind

Well, looks like there is just something about this recovery week that gets me. If you recall I had a fever and was sick all week during the first one and worse I was on vacation. Last Tuesday we did Core Synergistics and I woke up Wed. morning with some sort of stomach bug and have been out of commission until today. I was unable to eat much but did not blow the nutrition, although I did eat mostly carbs since toast and rice are pretty easy on the stomach. My wife and I talked about what to do about the program and decided to just redo the recovery week this week and go from there. So Monday should have been Yoga but my wife is going out Monday night so we did Yoga tonight which makes today logical day 50.

Yoga was pretty good and I felt surprisingly strong considering I hardly ate for the last 4 days. I even made it through most of the ridiculous half moon sequence, yeah most I still did not get it all the way. For whatever reason my left groin muscle is pretty sore even though I have bee doing nothing for the better part of a week, hmmm??? That soreness and a few of the stretches a little tough but all in all it was a good workout. I was able to get myself mostly back into the nutrition plan today although I was still probably a little light on calories but that should change as the week goes on. Speaking of calories I weighed myself this morning and was a whopping 150.6, wow. It is incredible how quickly you can lose a few pounds when you are not eating much at all. I will probably try to do X Stretch tomorrow night while the wife is out and then we get up Tues. morning to do Core Synergistics again for day 51.

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