Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 42, Switching Things Up

Well today was supposed to be rest or X stretch but I have a hockey game to play tomorrow night so we did chest, triceps, and shoulders tonight instead of tomorrow. Good workout tonight and Phil cracks me up with the crap he gives Tony. I just love it when he tells Tony "will you get lost." I do not like the plyo (clap) push ups at all. They bother my wrists and I am actually thinking about substituting something else, I almost hurt my wrist on this one tonight. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. I kicked some ass on Ab Ripper X tonight too which is interesting considering we did not have the day off before this workout. I had assumed that I was doing better with the abs on Monday because of the day off on Sunday but maybe it is something else. I did more of the ab workout today than I have yet, I think I did 20 reps on most of the exercises and that is pretty good considering they are only doing 25 in the DVD and I couldn't get to 15 on most at the start and even 5 or 10 on some.

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