Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 44, Kicked Some Ass on Plyo Today

Another great Plyometrics workout today. I went into this knowing I have a recovery week next week so I won't get to do this for 2 weeks and I decided to really go for it. This was without question the best I have performed on this workout to date. I kept up with Tony and the kids throughout this one and even outpaced them at points. I am still amazed that I am seeing the improvements week after week after week like this. This program works pretty damn well if you follow it. My wife noticed tonight that ever sensitive Tony commented when doing leg stretches that we need to switch and do the other leg because "we all have 2 legs." Keep in mind this is right after the announcement that one of the kids, that is what he calls the people working out with him, has a prosthetic leg. Looking forward to hitting the half way point tomorrow!! Can't believe how fast it is going by.

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  1. I did Plyo just last night and I have noticed that comment as well. Still, Eric, the gentleman with the prosthetic leg, evokes a great attitude and brings it. I think it's awesome to include him to show what can be done and that excuses need to be tossed out the window, especially in light of his presence.
    I'm on the 3rd Phase of P90X, Round 1. I'm summarizing my reps, etc. as I complete the last of each routine. I'm seeing the same great results you are. In fact, my reps (pullups and pushups) were up 139% between Week 1 and Week 11. Keep pushing - if I can do that, I know you and the wife can achieve so much more!
    Jeff (aka jpickett1968)