Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 41 , Kenpo X

Well I started out trying to use some 2 pound weights on this workout just for the hell of it and since some have said they needed to do this because they were not getting a good workout on this one. I only made it to the first break using the weights and let me tell you my shoulders were getting fried. I mentioned before that I really try to pay attention to keeping my hands up and punching, blocking, and kicking as if I am really trying to kick someones ass and I make sure to get my core involved. I am not trying to suggest others don't do the same but I currently could not get through this with the weights for whatever reason. An interesting observation I have made while doing this workout is that if I were to be a boxer or similar I think I would be a southpaw. I am much more comfortable and coordinated on that side even though I do everything else right handed. I also noticed tonight that not only does Wesley not only is slacking in general during the workout but he spends a lot of time taking breaks and drinking water and wiping sweat while everyone else is doing jump rope or running in place. I think he is just out of shape compared to the rest of these guys and that is why he appears to be dogging it as the workout goes on. I am sure he could kick my ass in a fight but I bet the longer I could make it last the better chance I would have.

Nutrition is still going good and I have not been hungry at all. I did have a weird situation the other day though, I went to lunch with someone and I did not have the opportunity to pick the place. I ordered a grilled chicken with potatoes and green beans. When it came the beans were drenched in butter and the potatoes were very greasy as well. I ate the beans but could not force down the potatoes and I felt kinda bad after eating all that butter. My taste buds have without a doubt changed over the last 41 days and I think that is probably good. I have done some reading about changing your eating habits to lose your sweet tooth and it seems there may be something to that and it might not really take that long. I may blog about some of my reading on that some time soon if I can find the time to write it.

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