Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 45, Half Way There

I can't believe we are half way to the 90 day mark already. This thing goes fast once you get into it. Almost done with phase 2 and getting stronger every day. We had back and biceps today and the workout was good. I increased my weight on a lot of the exercises but I am not seeing very big gains on my pull ups yet. I wonder if I will see more improvement there in phase 3. Ab Ripper was good again but I think I figured out why the Monday one seems easier. There are a bunch of exercises in there that involve you legs as well as abs and low back, like crunchy frogs and bicycles. So every day but Monday there is a leg workout before the Ab Ripper workout and that is affecting my performance on those exercises. I noticed it today because as I said I really pushed hard on Plyo yesterday and I could tell that my legs were holding me back on those exercises. I had no problems on the exercises that did not involve legs tonight and did as much on them as I had done Monday. I still am getting much stronger in the core and I am noticing that the stronger my core gets the more I use it. I notice, for instance that after playing hockey now my core is sore the next day which was not the case before. I basically feels as if I did a core workout the night before and I assume this is because I am engaging my core more during hockey than I was before. This is great because it just makes my core that much stronger and helps prevent injuries while I am out there.

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