Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 53, Kenpo X

I could certainly tell that the Core Synergistics workout did a number on my core as I worked through the Kenpo workout today. It was especially obvious when doing the kick moves when I could tell there was a band around my midsection that was pretty sore from the previous workout. We did pretty well with this one today and sweat like crazy by the end of it. Heart rate still getting up there good on this workout unlike others out there. My shoulders really seem to get a good workout from this one for whatever reason. I am still pretty bad with the kicks but can hold my own with the punches and blocks. This workout really flies by when you are doing it as well, I guess because you never really stop at all. Looking forward to doing X Stretch tomorrow, we have not done that thing in weeks because of schedule conflicts on Sundays for a while.

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