Monday, December 21, 2009

Days 78 & 79

Sunday was a rest day but I played hockey Sunday night and that went well. No X Stretch but got a good sweat going at least with the game.

Today we did the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps routine and I pushed it real hard up front and made gains on pretty much everything but by the time we got to the last 3 exercises I was done and lost a little ground on all of them. I am pretty sure if I try to do another push up right now I will fall flat on my face. I did ab ripper on my own since Sarah was up most of last night with the sick kids and just was ready to get to bed. I had to skip 2 exercises because my lower back is a little tight. I have been noticing lately that the day after a hockey game my lower back is pretty tight. I am going to try to start doing some different stretches both before and after games to make sure I take care of this right away. It is interesting because when my back was in bad shape hockey never seemed to bother it but now it seems to get a little sore. I just need a little time to figure out what it is and address it.

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