Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 79, second time

It felt real good to get back to it after almost a week of sloth and gluttony. Both Sarah and I noticed how quickly you can regress back into some old habits but also how quickly we began to feel like fat slobs and wanted to get back at it which is good. My back is feeling much better today and I made it through the workouts without any issues while maintaining the weights and reps I did last week so I am happy with that. Today was Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps which is a good workout as I mentioned before. Sarah and I were laughing at this one tonight because Phil is just hilarious with some of the comments he makes to Tony in this video. We also did ab ripper tonight again and I had no problems there with my back either which I would have expected if I was still having back issues today. We finished about an hour ago and still no issues with the back so I think this episode is behind me, knock on wood. I am looking forward to getting to do plyo again tomorrow since I had to sort of half ass it last week because of my back, at least I have a second chance on that one.

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