Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 68 and 69

We did Yoga last night and I am absolutely amazed at all those of you out there that can make it through tat half moon sequence. My leg will just not stand up for that length of time, especially when still sore from Plyo and Hickey in the same day. It was a good workout though and I was nice and relaxed after. I would like to know though who the genius at beachbody is that decided it was a good idea to put people yelling at you 2 seconds after finishing up the relaxation part of the video. For those of you that don't know you finish this workout with a relaxation section and ohms (not sure on spelling), as Tony puts i "this is the Yin part of the Yong energy... you don't just finish up and leave, not with Yoga anyway..." Well the end of the videos have infomercials trying to get you to buy other beachbody crap like the recovery drink and protein bars. I wouldn't suggest them based on the price and what is in them, there are much more economical ways to get the same benefits and I will post something about what I take at some point but I digress. On this video it jumps directly to what I think are beachbody coaches yelling at you "DO YOU WANT TO GET ON SHAPE..." Shut up already I am trying to relax here, that is why we do this one at night after the kids are asleep instead of in the morning when they wake up and there is no relaxing. Well I guess I just blew my chances at ever becoming a "beachbody coach" with this paragraph but oh well. Not that they are all bad but just not for me.

This morning we did legs and back and it went well. I didn't increase on any of the pull ups, big surprise, but I did keep up with where I was before. I did increase on the leg work though and it felt good. Struggled a bit on abs this morning as usual for Friday but made it through and I feel good.

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