Monday, December 7, 2009

Days 63, 64, and 65

Saturday should have been kenpo day but I had an old friend stop by around dinner and then we went out for a bit. I actually had a couple of beers with him which is the first beer I have had since starting the program. Tasted a little funny at first but I was able to fight past that and enjoyed the 2 I had. because of this excursion we did not do any workout on Saturday.

Sunday we went to the football game and then did kenpo at night after getting home. My core was tore up by the end o this thing again. I am so amazed that people think this is a weak workout. My wife says I look like some sort of psychopath while I am doing it. I explained I am beating the hell out of the guy who cut me off on the road or any number of other dickheads I cam across during the course of the week. Better to do it there than in person I suppose.

We then woke up this morning to do Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. This was a pretty good workout but I need to increase a bunch on some of the weights. It did not feel like I was pushing it hard enough so I noted that and will bump everything up next time. That is one thing I don't like about this workout, you don't have a second set to correct on. Most of the workouts you do two of everything so you can change it up on the second set but not this one.

I have been a little more lax on the diet since starting phase 3. I am still eating the same basically but not measuring things out so much and like I said I had beer on Saturday. I weighed in this morning too and was at 150.4 so I have actually dropped a few pounds again. Interestingly I don't look thin and sickly like I did last time I dropped to this level. I would not have even guessed I had dropped weight, I actually may have guessed I had gained some. I also have doubled my creatine dosage to the level the manufacturer recommends for phase 3. My wife seems to think I have gotten bigger over the last week but I don't know about that. I feel good though and am looking forward to doing the plyo workout tomorrow. I also have started thinking about what comes after this. I think we are going to do a 10-12 week muscle building phase based on talking to my wife about her goals. We will probably drop down to 3 days a week of weights with a short (15 minute) HIIT cardio session after the weight training. I would also like to keep doing the Yoga at least once a week and maybe try some pilates too or something. I am going to try to find some other good yoga routines though so there is a little variety. Following this we will probably do another round of P90X.


  1. Hey Scot. I literally laughed out loud when I read that your wife thinks you look like a psychopath doing Kenpo. I LOVE kenpo...never wondered what I looked like doing it though, until now. LOL.
    I'm in week 11...after this round, I'm taking 3 weeks off to do treadmill, abs, and back and then another round of P90X..possibly doubles.
    Great to meet another P90X lover.

  2. Keep bringing it. Maybe you should get a mirror to see how whacked out you look doing kenpo. I will check out your blog.