Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 76

Legs and back might be my least favorite of the workouts in this program but I am making gains on the pull ups now so that is good. I felt strong last night even during the ab ripper x exercises. Those V-up Roll-up's are a killer! I just noticed last night that they did in fact do some editing to add in stuff to the videos at some point, I had not noticed that before. If you look at the part where Tony comments on the chicklettes in the one girls mouth her arms are in front of her body but they are doing a stretch with arms behind. This really blows my impression of Tony out of the water. I sort of assumed he was just a goofy guy with these comments and they were sort of off the cuff but this was clearly something they added later, not funny enough for that dude... It is snowing like crazy here right now so we are stuck in the house and will try to get Kenpo done tonight if my hockey game is canceled.

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