Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 71, and 72

Sunday was a rest day and I took it. We did not do the stretching Sunday, we just took the day off. My sister and her kids came over and I made pasta and sauce and we all had a good time. I did have some candy yesterday as well,for some reason I was craving candy and we happened to have some in the house. Hopefully that was a one time thing and I don't get cravings like that again.

This morning was the last time we do Chest and Back for this 90 days and I tried to push it as hard as possible. I felt good with it and made some good gains on everything as opposed to the last time when I felt like I had slipped back. I did feel a little weak on the abs stuff this morning for whatever reason but I struggled through and finished it up. Neither kid woke up before we finished this morning either which was a nice change from having them trying to climb all over you or whatever when doing exercises or stretches. Don't get me wrong I love my kids, it is just nice to get the workout in without an interruption every once in a while.

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