Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 80, Last Plyo Workout :(

Well I would like to say that I worked harder today on my last day doing Plyo than I have the whole time but I can't. My lower back is still pretty tight today and I had to take it a little easy on a few of the twisting exercises in the workout today. I am more than a little upset about that and will have to do this workout again shortly after day 90 so I can really push it hard. I did some extra stretching after this workout today trying to get my back loosened up a little bit so hopefully that will help. I have another hockey game tonight and plan on getting there early to do some serious stretching before going out there. I also think I am going to make sure to enter and exit the ice through the door rather than hopping the boards as usual. I suspect that may actually help somewhat based on a conversation I had with another player who has some back issues.

I had a typo in yesterdays post where I said I skipped 32 exercises, that should be 2 exercises. I don't think we even do 32 different exercises during that workout.

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