Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday Workout on Sunday

No workout Saturday. I did an evening workout on Friday and the gym had an intro to crossfit and paleo seminar Saturday so there were no classes anyway. My wife went to the seminar and was less than impressed with the paleo stuff which is fine with me since I think we eat fine now. she said she probably didn't hear anything more about crossfit than what I had already told her either but she did go. I don't think she is going to give the crossfit a try, she will probably stick to her yoga.

Today the warm up started with a 400 meter run followed by 3 rounds:
  • 10 air squats
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 mountain climbers
The workout for the day is a bit confusing. The way it is written up is as follows:

With A Partner:

8 Minutes:
• Ab Mat Sit-Ups
• Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
>REST 3 Minutes
8 Minutes:
• Ground To Overhead (115/75)
• Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
>REST 3 Minutes
8 Minutes:
• Double Unders
• KB Swings (35/53)
>REST 3 Minutes
8 Minutes:
• Pull-Ups
• Push-Ups

The way this works is you do the workout with someone else and you each do one of the two exercises in each 8 minute period but not the same one to start and when one of you needs to switch you swap exercises. The idea is you are never both doing the same exercise. The score for this is the total number of reps on all exercises. Each person must do each exercise at least once, so you can't have one person do all of the pull-ups and the other do all the push-ups. I started on the wall ball shots and my partner on the ab mat sit-ups. I knocked out 20 right away unbroken which is pretty good for me. I did a pile of ab mat sit-ups on that first 8 minutes as well. That is one of my better exercises. I think the second 8 minutes was the hardest. I started with 115# on the bar but by the time the 8 minutes was up I think I was down to 85#. On the third 8 minutes I did the kettlebell swings with 35#, still not feeling like 53# is a reasonable weight for me but maybe in a couple months the way things are going. Also, both my partner and I did single unders instead of doubles. This means we had to half our rep count. Last 8 was pretty straight forward. The surprising thing to me was how long the 3 minute rest felt. I was expecting it to fly by but in all cases it seemed like a long time.

Today's scores have still not been put up on the web site. Coach Jay was there today and he does not seem real good at getting the results up very quickly, but that is a completely different story that I don't think I will get into now. I will update this when they post the results but we did something north of 1000 reps although I can't remember the exact number.

I had to bring the kids to the gym today because my wife had yoga. They are fine with that there and there are some toys and such there for them.They like watching too and sometimes  including today, they will do some rowing. There were a couple other kids there as well and the kids had fun. The other coach at the gym was there today too, I think her name was coach Sue. This was the first time I had met her and I liked her. She is in great shape, thick as hell especially the legs and she was really getting in there and trying to motivate and coach.

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