Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Workout

So I missed the 6:00 am workout because my alarm was not set as I thought it was. I woke up at 6:00 am so obviously I couldn't get there. Instead I went to work early and then went to the 5:30 pm class. Very different vibe and crowd in the evening but it was good. The warm up started with a 400 meter run followed by 3 rounds:
  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 PVC arm circles
  • 20 flutter kicks
The workout was interesting and brutal. It was called deck of cards and here is how it works. There are 5 exercises each assigned a suit and one assigned to the jokers as follows.
  • Hearts - burpees
  • Diamonds - abmat sit-up
  • Spades - mountain climbers (4 count)
  • Clubs - medicine ball cleans (20/16)
  • Jokers - 400 meter run
You then take a standard deck of cards and shuffle it. Flip the first card and do the prescribed exercise for the number of reps indicated on the card. Face cards are 10 reps, aces are 20 reps, and all others are the value shown. Continue turning the cards over and doing this until you work your way through the entire deck and record your time. There is a 40 minute limit so you either make it through the deck in less that that or you stop at 40:00. I completed the deck in 36:53 which judging by the times posted on the gym web site is pretty good although I was second to last in the group I was working out with and the girl behind me did not finish the deck. This is a pretty brutal workout as I mentioned and my legs were screaming by the end. We got kind of lucky and all the aces came out real early, at least I think that is lucky but who knows. This work out sort of reminded me a bit of the filthy fifty we did shortly after I joined the gym and I think it is interesting that at the time I was unable to finish that one. I think I am definitely getting stronger. I need to go take a shower now because I smell ripe.

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