Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday Workout

I am a bit late getting this put in and I don't remember the warm up. The workout was 4 rounds for time:
  • 25 Wall ball shots (20/16)
  • 25 Abmat sit-ups
  • 100 Single under jump ropes
According to the web site I completed this in 18:36 with a 16# ball. I think the coach screwed up the time a bit and we were actually 2:00 faster than what he was calling but I could be wrong. He originally set up the clock wrong, for an 8:00 count down instead of counting up. Then after it ran out he called the 10:00 mark instead of 8:00. It was a new coach, coach Brent. He just started coaching a couple months ago and will be doing all the 6:00 am classes for now. He was pretty good and provided much more input and interaction than Michele and Jay do. I started off with the 20# ball and switched to the 16# about half way through the workout when I could ot get the 20# ball up to the 10 foot mark any longer. My squats are very low on this move and my legs were screaming by the end. On the last round I was only knocking out 5 in a row before I would rest for a couple seconds and stand because my quads just wouldn't go any longer. When I finished the last round and tried to walk to the abmat my legs were not wanting to walk they were so shredded. At one point when I took a break coach Brent told me if my knees were hurting to not go as low. I explained my knees were fine and it was the quads that were killing me an I finished off as I had been doing.

After the workout my sister and I went to do a hike at Old Rag Mountain. We did the loop which is probably 8-9 miles and it was fun. The uphill part was rough and the last mile is a lot of rock scrambling and even some almost rock climbing moves. My legs were shot by the time we made it back to the car for the ride home. I am feeling pretty good today though although my glutes hurt a bit. The views from the summit were amazing as well. If you have a chance to do this hike I would highly recommend it. Here are some pictures from along the way. It rained on us pretty good on the way up but then cleared and was nice.

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