Monday, August 2, 2010

Days 5-8

Did not really have time to post anything over the weekend but we were still working. We did Legs and Back on Saturday and it was good. I am pretty sure that is my least favorite workout of the program but you need to work your legs somehow and there are only so many leg exercises you can do, especially without equipment. My right foot/ankle was still a little sore and I iced it a bit but it did not stop me from doing anything. I was able to do all the exercises this time, the Super Skaters did not bother my knee at all. I think the knee is completely healed now but I will keep a close eye on it.

Sunday we did not do the Kenpo workout because I had 2 hockey games and we thought we needed a sleep in day anyway. I got plenty of cardio work during the 2 games anyway so not worried about that.

This morning we did the Chest and Back routine and pretty well increased on most everything and the Abs workout felt real good. As we thought we are quickly getting back into the shape we were in before stopping.

The nutrition has been going well and I think we are getting pretty used to it again. The biggest change for me is probably the no beer part since I had been drinking beer during our time off but no more. Looking forward to seeing how the Plyo workout goes tomorrow after another week of getting in shape. That is a very tough workout and in my opinion a pretty good barometer of how your fitness is going.

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