Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Days 9 & 10

So we switched things up a bit and diid Yoga X on Tuesday instead of Plyo. We did this because the kids spent Monday night at Grandma's house and this workout is so much better without a 2 year old whining and climbing on you during it. It is hard to avoid that though given the workout is 1.5 hours and she usually is up by 6:30 or so. We have been setting the alarm for 5 but we don't actually get down ther and start until more like 5:15. The workout went well, much better rhan last weeks Yoga fiasco. We both felt good on most everything and my foot, which had been bothering me if you recall, made it through with little trouble. We had received a replacement DVD for Yoga and so we used that to make sure it worked and it was fine. This is the 3rd DVD we have had that has had problems and we have had to replace. Beachbody has been great and replaced them all no problem but I went ahead and added the lifetime replacement plan for $15 and based on my experience would recomend it for everyone.

Today we did the Shoulders and Arms routine and what a good workout. These are just fun muscles to work, shoulders triceps and biceps. We increased on most everything and it felt really good doing Ab Ripper, which we are performing great on now. The body is absolutely coming back into top shape very quickly and that is good to see. I bought some weightlifting gloves because the new pull-up bar is textured and it was killing my hands and I wore them for todays worklout and loved them. They are Golds-Gym brand and I picked them up at WalMart for $9, see here. They have lots of padding and were very comfortable, I would highly recomend them if you need gloves. Still remains to be seen how they hold up but for $9 I think they will be fine.

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