Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 15

We had a friend over for dinner last night so we did the Chest & Back workout pretty late last night but it felt good. We both increased on a lot of the exercises again this week and Ab Ripper is going incredibly well. I had felt last week like my chest really did not get a good enough workout because my chest was not sore. I pushed to the point where I was collapsing on the last one each time but I don't really feel any soreness today either. Not sure what more I could do though, we will see if it is sore tomorrow. One thing that is obvious is the pull-ups are a really fast way to increase the width of your back and give you that V shape which makes a huge difference in how you look very quickly. Given the time we finished and the fact that I have a game tonight we did not do Plyo this morning and will push everything back a day this week.

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