Friday, August 13, 2010

Days 18 & 19

We did Yoga last night and that might have been the best I have ever done on that workout. I nailed all the moves in the first 45 minute vinyasa sequence except for about 5-10 seconds when I dropped on the last warrior 3 sequence. I did get back up in and finish though and man was I pretty stoked about the whole thing. I don't think I did that well on that even at the end of round 1. I continued to do well after that and even did much better on the yoga belly portion which I usually have issues with. I do think it also has something to do with doing the workouts at night since I always feel like I do somewhat better at night. I suspect the issue is one of not having eaten before doing it in the morning so you have more energy when you do it in the evening but that is just my guess. I do prefer how I feel after I am done though when I do it in the morning, it just gives me more energy for the rest of the day.

This morning we did Legs & Back and Ab Ripper and we increased most everything again but Ab Ripper was pretty tough. First of all the kids were up and they were joining in which always gets to me. I know they are just trying to get involved but I like to keep count of my moves and listen to the prompts, we may be the only people in the world that are doing a second round and have not turned off Tony on the DVD. Secondly I think doing the Yoga Belly portion last night and then core work again this morning made a difference as well. Finally, I think that Ab Ripper is always a struggle after doing Legs because it is really a core workout not just abs and that means your upper legs get involved as well which is a problem when you just finished an hour of Legs.

Sarah and the kids are going out of town for a while and I will be doing most of the recovery week on my own. Tomorrow will be the Plyo I did not do on Tuesday and then recovery week. I have 4 hockey games in 3 days next week though so I may need to make some adjustments, we will see.

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