Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days 26 and 27

Still feeling a little sick on Friday but really was able to bring it for the core synergystics workout. This is a fast paced workout that goes by so fast it is done before you know it. It is intense too, reminds me of some of the 2 a day football workouts we used to have during the summer in high school. A lot of varied exercises with a little weight, but not much, here and there. My core was screaming by the end of this workout, especially my lower back muscles, and even more so Saturday morning.

We drove home today and did Yoga tonight, day 27. I am steadily getting better and better at the Yoga workout and getting a lot more out of it because of that. I am actually starting to enjoy it some, it is relaxing. Don't get me wrong though it is hard as hell and I sweat like a whore in church but it feels good. We stuck to the nutrition plan all the way through the vacation and it was really no big deal. We ate out a couple times and had no problems getting the right kinds of food. I start the phase 2 nutrition plan Sunday, one less serving of protein and veggies and 2 more servings of carbs a day. This should be a more normal diet for me and a little easier to maintain long term. Looking forward to some new workouts this week to start out phase 2 of the exercise program as well, should be fun.

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