Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 34, Kempo X

The more I watch this DVD the more amazed I am at Wesely's seeming unwillingness to exert any effort whatsoever. I am sure this guy could kick my ass but come on man at least pretend to care about what you are doing. So today the thing that struck me was how many times Tony comments on Wesley's flexibility, of course he is flexible he looks like he is made out of play-dough. Aside from that I also noticed that several folks have commented on how quickly they adjusted to this workout and did not seem to be getting anything out of it. Fitbomb suggests adding some light dumbbells during this one. I have had a very different experience with this workout. For me it took a couple of times before I was not falling all over myself and now I am getting a really good core workout from this one as well as shoulders. I have been really concentrating on keeping my hands and elbows up high all the way through and getting my trunk into all the moves as much as possible. I am usually fried by the end of this one and can really feel the soreness in my core, especially my lower back, for a couple of days after it is over. I am wondering if this will change going forward since it seems that most of the people adding weights did not do so until very late in the 90 days. We will see I guess.

I also weighed in again today and tipped the scales at a whopping 154.4 down from my 155.2 on day 30. I am really not trying to lose weight anymore but am still sort of using the weigh in along with how I look and feel to help me gauge what kind of progress I am making. It should be fun to see what weight I end up at by the end of the 90 days though. I am still feeling a little hungry on the phase 2 nutrition plan and am considering adding an extra snack to my day at some point in the evening but have not yet decided for sure.

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