Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 31, Back and Biceps

WOW!!! You know it was a good bicep workout when after you finish you have to use one arm to lift the other to your face so you can shave. This was another new workout for phase 2 and it goes through 24 exercises one set each in groups of 4 that appeared to be 2 back followed by 2 bicep. This one moves very fast from exercise to exercise and we had to pause the DVD a few times to keep up because we did not know the exercises but I think we did pretty well. I thought the crazy ass one hand push ups were hard on Monday or Tony and his flying push ups on the same day (he does these plyo push ups where all parts of the body leave the ground on the up move) but the towel pull ups are nuts especially that late in a workout where you are just killing your biceps. this is a move where you hold the pull up bar with one hand and the other grasps a wet towel that is draped over the pull up bar and you do pull ups like this. Tony has you do 3 with each arm alternating back and forth for as many as you can do, I could only do 3 with each arm what a wuss I think the girl in the video did 10. If that is not bad enough try the corn cob pull ups, what the hell is that shit about??? So you do a wide grip pull up and stop in the up position then pull yourself to the left so your chin is at your hand and then to the right so your chin is at that hand and then back to the middle all while still in the up position finally you push yourself away from the bar while staying in the up position and then lower yourself down and that is one rep. I did 3 and holy crap are they hard. Tony and his buddy in the video make it look easy, after trying them it looks like what they are doing on the DVD would be impossible, damn those dudes are strong and again the girl in the video outdid me big time. It was interesting, at least for me being a former Marine, that this is the second workout where one of Tony's workout buddies is also a former Marine. This kid in this DVD looked pretty young but the other former Marine was also a Desert Storm vet as am I, pretty cool. I like this workout and think it will do wonders for my arms and back, I can't wait to do it again.

On another note my legs are sore from the Plyo workout so I guess the fact that it felt easier did not mean much. It is good to feel sore from it because I don't think I did feel to sore the last time I did it. My triceps and shoulders are also sore from Monday but my chest never got sore, guess I will need to make sure to push it harder next week. Looking forward to Yoga tomorrow, imagine that me looking forward to Yoga.

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