Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Days 21, 22, and 23

Well I am an idiot and had all kinds of problems getting my network connection working properly here in our hotel which is why I have not posted in a few days but I am back now.

We got in Saturday afternoon and just relaxed until bedtime. In the middle of the night I woke up with a 101-102 fever so Sunday we skipped X Stretch. I did forget to mention that I weighed myself again on Saturday and was down to 157 even so still seeing changes. I do think I am gaining muscle mass though so there really won't be a lot more weight loss I don't think. I look a lot different though and my waist is smaller for sure, more on that later.

Monday I was still felling pretty under the weather and was taking theraflu all day. We did do Yoga though Monday night and it felt really good to sweat like crazy. I felt like I was sweating a bunch of the trash out during that workout and felt a lot better after we finished.

Tuesday I was still feeling tired and a little sick. We went to a surf shop to get me a new swim suit because my old one didn't fit any more. I tried on a 32" waist and it was a little lose so I tried the 30" and they were a tiny bit tight but I went with them because I think they will fit perfect soon and they look good now. We did Core Synergystics Tuesday night and spent some time on each exercise trying to figure out what we were doing since this is a new workout. This is a tough core workout but it flies by because you are constantly doing something. It seemed like it was over right after it started. I think we will get a little better workout next time we do it this week because we will know what to expect.

I am still felling a little sick now and have lost my voice, great vacation, but looking forward to kempo tonight.

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