Friday, October 16, 2009

Days 17, 18, and 19

We did arms and shoulders on Wed. night and we really pushed hard on this. I am not sure if it is the working out at night or what but it does seem I am really able to put a lot into the workouts this week. I still don't like working out at night much but there may be an up side. We did great with the ab ripper x as well, I think I am still doing like 2/3 of the reps but I am for sure getting a good workout on my abs. I usually can get to 15 or more reps on most of the exercises and they are doing 25.

Thursday night we did Yoga X and I have to say this is my one exception to the not liking the night time workout. The previous times we had done this the kids woke up before we finished and it made it very hard to relax an concentrate which apparently is real important with Yoga. This time I was able to concentrate fully and really get into it and I have to say I think I got a lot out of it and liked it more than before. I think we may do this one at night all the time from now on. The other good thing about doing this at night is that I was very relaxed when it was time to go to bed, of course Sofia woke up for a good long while screaming during the night but nothing is perfect and it was harder on Sarah for sure than me.

This morning we did the legs and back workout again and it felt pretty good. I think both Sarah and I are obviously getting stronger and seeing changes in what we can do in the routines. Abs was the same tough workout as always, as tony says "Ab Ripper X I hate it, but I love it." we switched back to the morning because we are leaving for vacation tomorrow morning so we want to get up and do kempo early. It was not too bad doing Yoga at night and legs and back in the morning, I would not recommend doing the day one workout at night followed by plyometrics in the morning.

We are sticking closely to the nutrition plan and it is working out pretty well. I think Sarah is happy to have me a little more involved in the meal planning and prep as well. I also think that our kids are getting a little bit better diet than they were before although it was not terrible before. We are making sure they get more carbs than the phase 1 diet allows.

On vacation next week for the recovery week and I am looking forward to the change in workout routine even though it has only been 3 weeks. We still do a workout of some sort every day but not as heavy. I think we do Yoga 2 times X Stretch 2 times Core Synergistics 2 times and Kempo once next week. We have not done Core Synergistics yet but we did take the time this week to watch it so we know what to expect next week. It looks like a lot of balance and core stabilization work with a little bit of weight added here and there but not a lot. Should be fun. I am going to try to keep up with the blogging next week on vacation but we will see how that goes.

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