Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5, Legs and Back

So today was the last weight workout for the week but it does not really use a lot of weights. This workout is really mostly a leg workout with some pull ups thrown in there for the back just to break things up and give your legs a break it seems. This makes sense given the amount of back work there is on Day 1. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could actually do more pull ups today than I had done on Monday so that is good. The leg portion is a lot of lunges and similar things some of which required a good bit of balance and I was about to fall over several times. I had to add a few entries to the workout sheets because I did use some weights on some of the exercises that are not listed on there and I wanted to make sure to keep track, not sure why they did not put everything on this sheet. This weight workout is unique in that it is the only one that is actually done throughout the 90 days (except the recovery weeks), all the rest of the weight workouts change every few weeks to keep your muscles guessing. It was a good workout and I am sure my legs will be feeling it tomorrow, especially my calves after the strange calf raise variations we did. We also did the Ab Ripper X again today which is still hard as hell but a great workout and a lot of fun, I am generally making a lot of grunting and screaming noises during this one.

Sarah was a little hungry this morning before the workout so she had a little bit of banana before we started, we normally do this at 5:30 AM as soon as we wake up. Sean got up and ostensibly did some of the workout with us again this morning, he has his own Yoga mat that he likes to put out right in between Sarah and I. He also did some of my extra stretching with me after the workout which he seems to really enjoy. I definitely am noticing more range of motion and flexibility already, this is very apparent in some of the ab exercises that we do like the leg climb. When we first did this Monday I could not get anywhere near touching my foot and today I was grabbing my foot. I am not sure if Sarah is noticing any differences yet or not but maybe she will have some input this weekend to my week 1 wrap up post with some insight into what she thinks. I do know she does not tend to be as intense about these kinds of things as I am and she says she is glad to have me pushing her a very little bit although it doesn't always seem that way at 5:30 in the morning ;) Last night was a little tough for us too because we both woke up for some reason at 1:00 AM and then Sofia woke up crying for like an hour at about 3:00 AM. I say this was tough on both of us but it was really much tougher on Sarah as most kid related things are. I got to stay in bed being the lazy no good husband that I am but I was still awake with all the screaming. I do like the fact that I am working out at home and getting to do it with Sarah and spend a little time with the kids before work which I was not doing when I was going to the gym in the morning. Looking forward to the kempo workout tomorrow and then stretching on Sunday.

For those of you getting the email updates when I post, sorry about the fact that you get the same one twice. What happens is that when I do these in the morning I don't know what I am going to eat for dinner yet and then the next morning I update it with what I ate so that I will have a record of all this stuff.

Post Workout:
  • Whey Protein (26 grams Protein GNC 100% Whey in skim milk)
  • Creatine (5 grams in water)


  • Oatmeal (1 cup)
  • strawberries (1/4 cup)
  • blueberries (1/4 cup)
  • 1/2 banana


  • 2 low fat string cheese mozzarella


  • Tuna Salad (From the nutrition guide not sure what is in it but there looks like lettuce, spinach, carrots, tuna, mayo, etc)


  • 1 oz. spicy cashews


  • ???

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