Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Workout

I set my alarm to get up at 5:30 and go to the gym for the 6:00 class as I normally do but somehow the alarm malfunctioned and never went off. I instead went in for the 9:00 class. The prescribed workout was 5 rounds for time:
  • 12 deadlifts (225/135)
  • 20 pull-ups
  • 12 clean and jerk (135/95)
  • 20 knees to elbows
Those weights are crazy heavy for me. I looked up my last deadlift numbers and my 1 rep max was 265# and there is zero chance I clean 135#. I put 205# on for the deadlift to start and 95# for the clean and jerk. I did not feel good at all doing this one and my writs started hurting part way through. I have wrist issues sometimes doing cleans and they also seem to bother me some on knees to elbows so putting the two together doesn't help. I only did 3 rounds instead of 5 and dropped the deadlift weight to 185# after the first round because my lower back was starting to round. I finished the 3 rounds in 29:05. Not sure if it was the workout or the people I was working out with (not my normal crew) but I just really was not into it today for some reason. Oh well, there is always Friday.

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