Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Workout

Today's workout was prescribed as follows:

  • push-ups
  • mountain climbers (single count)
  • shoulder press (45/33)
So on round 1 you do 50 reps of each, round 2 do 40 reps of each, and continue. This seemed pretty easy on paper and I was getting cocky last night saying I was going to do this in 20:00 or less and eventually thought I might be able to even do it in 15:00 or less. Well, I was way wrong. By the time I hit the shoulder presses on the first round I could not even get the bar over my head and had to shake my arms out for a few seconds before continuing. This is a killer shoulder workout. I finished in 30:36 and my shoulders are shot. I also did not get up and go in at 6:00 this morning since I am off work and would like to sleep in a bit. There was apparently no one at the 6:00 am class again today.

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