Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bonus Workout

I don't normally do a workout on Tuesday but since I ate a pile of crap this morning I thought it would be good to do something. The gym posted another do it at home WOD that was 100 burpees for time. I knocked them out in 8:40 but am thinking I should have been able to do them a good bit faster than that. I knocked out the first 25 in under 1:30 so I really slowed down as I went along. I did do them 10 at a time after that first 25 being done straight through. The last 15 I did pretty much unbroken, just a bit of a break at the top on each of the last 5 but real short. I was sweating like crazy at the end and winded as hell. I guess 1 burpee every 5.2 seconds is not too bad but I think I could do this in the 7:00 minute range maybe. I will try this one again some time, maybe when I am on the road for work.

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