Thursday, August 9, 2012


I went to the local yoga studio, sol yoga, with my wife this evening for 2 classes. First there was a 25 minute rock your core class that was pretty tough, my gut will be sore tomorrow I am sure. Then we followed that up with a 1 hour flow yoga class. I have not done yoga in a long time and I could not hold the one legged downward dog poses for very long, they probably have a real name for those poses but I don't know them. I was sweating my ass off in there and got a good workout. My back was a bit sore going in and I feel pretty good now. I forgot how hard that shit is doing vinyasa after vinyasa. My wife and neighbor go every week so they were pretty well kicking my ass through the whole thing. It was fun though. Every time I do yoga or stretching I think "I need to work this in once a week or more" but it never really seems to happen. I said it again tonight, we will see.

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