Friday, August 10, 2012

Nice blog to check out

I was having a conversation last night with my sister who was explaining how she has been having problems getting back into working out and then this morning I came across a blog entry over on nerd fitness that I thought really hit it on the head. The post is about robots and is well worth the read even if you are not interested in working out, it is applicable to any goal you have in life. I have been reading more and more of the posts and forums over on nerd fitness lately and that is really what Steve, the nerd leader over there, is all about. It is also worth having a look around the site to see his story because it has some great insight and helpful information. I have no affiliation with Steve or any one else over at that site but I do think it is worth checking out for anyone who wants to get their life in general on track and has goals they would like to achieve but is not sure how to go about it. The site can act sort of as a virtual life coach if you like.

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