Wednesday, August 8, 2012


No workout today for me. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last night and did not get to bed until pretty late so no early wake up. I am going to do a yoga class tomorrow night with my wife though and I have a hockey tournament this weekend so will play at least 3 games so no worries. I also have been looking at a couple local crossfit gyms and I am considering going in for the trial classes to see what it is all about, maybe next week?

What got me to write this though is the fact that I was reading some articles in the NY Times and came across the following 2 articles just inches from each other. The first, "Fitness Isn’t Seen to Prevent Sports Injury," talks about a study that suggests preseason training by collegiate athletes did not reduce their risk of injury. The second, "Strength Training as a Family Affair," is not exactly about the same thing but throughout makes claims about reduction in injuries due to strength training. While these don't exactly contradict each other it is close enough that it struck me as odd that they were practically next to each other on the paper's web site. This seems to be a big issue for anyone trying to get in shape and learn ll they can to make sure they are doing the right things to meet their goals, or maybe it is just me. You find so much conflicting information out there and everyone has their own opinions so how do you know what to do. I think the answer is to do whatever works for you and keeps you interested. The bottom line is if it interests you you and you enjoy it you will continue and the benefit of doing something is without a doubt better than sitting your ass on the couch watching TV. For me this means variety because I get bored easily. This is one of the reasons I am looking into crossfit. I have been doing something like this sort of on my own but it is a lot of work to come up with the workouts and it would be nice to just have someone tell me what to do. This was one of the things I liked about P90X, no thinking just get up and push play. It could not be simpler.

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