Friday, January 22, 2010

Tried another one

Last night I did the other free bonus workout that came with the P90X package. this workout is called UML (Upper-Middle-Lower). The idea is you do exercises in sets of 3 the first being an upper body exercise the next a core exercise and the final being a lower body exercise. The upper body stuff is all some form of push-up, and the lower body stuff is questionable. By questionable I mean some of it seems much more like core work than lower body work. The idea behind this workout is a good one but it is way too short and not very intense. The total run time is about 38 minutes but by the time you take out the warm up and cool down it is really a 26 minute workout. After doing Plyo this is like taking a nap. I will use this one again during our alternative schedule focused on mass building to mix things up on non weight days but this is no tough workout. It will be nice for a change though.

I also got a question last night about why I don't just throw a DVD in every night instead of trying to follow a schedule. The answer is that if I have a set schedule for a 12 week period I am much more likely to actually do the workouts than I am if I have to rely on picking one and doing it at random every day. This is one of the things I liked about P90X to begin with, I had everything planned out for me. Prior to this I was designing my own 8-12 week programs but that required a good bit of work and I am just a lazy ass at heart.

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