Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 84, all over but the recovery

That is it except the recovery week. It has been fun and I am looking forward to this recovery week, man do I need it. Once again Wesley amazed me today with his apparent laziness during this workout. It makes me laugh how he waves his hands around while half assing all the moves almost as if that will distract you from the flabby body behind those hands. My wife had me laughing during the vertical punches at the end. She said it looks like Wesley is handing out drinks or something rather than punching, Wesley the bartender :) We are going to start the recovery week workouts tomorrow night after my hockey game because I am going out of town next weekend and we really would like to finish up together. I will be celebrating my 39th birthday on Thursday and finishing up my first round of P90X on Friday, should be a pretty good week! I am still thinking about what is next but I think we will be doing a couple months of mass building 3 days a week and a few P90X cardio and Yoga workouts sprinkled in here and there followed by another round of P90X.

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