Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New workout

The original plan was to start a new schedule this week but my wife is sick so we are waiting until next week to do that. What we are going to do is some form of the mass building P90X schedule described in the P90X newsletter here. I am going to do a couple of weeks back on the phase 1 nutrition plan to start this off and then return to phase 2, my wife is going to simply maintain the phase 2 nutrition. We are a little less strict about the nutrition now but basically continuing with the plan. One thing I have noticed since finishing is how easy it is to get back into a sit on your ass and watch TV mode in the evenings when you don't have our workouts scheduled. I have worked out a couple of times since day 90 including the fit test which I will post results from later but we have had some lazy nights. The thing about these lazy nights is we both want to snack as soon as we sit in front of the TV even though we have not been snacking since starting the program, interesting. Last night I popped in a disk and tried the interval cardio routine which was included free with the P90X introduction DVD. This was some of the same or similar move to plyo but not as intense as the plyo routine. The arm up was too long but it was fun and I will use it more to mix things up in the future. Looking forward to starting back into the workouts next week.

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