Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Gym Today

I had a 10:10 pm hockey game last night so no gym for me today. Still doing the burpee challenge though. There was an update from the gym on their Facebook page yesterday that reads:
For anyone doing the 116 Day Burpee Challenge... The official ruling on burpees in a WOD is in: THEY DON'T COUNT. Any burpees done in a WOD can NOT go towards your count for the day. 
This comes directly from the organizer so we are going to honor it. He is right. Consider the work outside the WOD as extra work, hence "CHALLENGE." Do it. :)
He wrote: 
Q: I already know the answer but... Can we re-address the common opinion that burpees within a WOD count for that day?
A: Only if we change the name from 116 Royal Burpee CHALLENGE to 116 Royal Burpee Super Fun Festival and Sing-Along.

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