Monday, February 18, 2013

Multiple WODs?

Not sure what the hell happened today, felt like we did 3 WODs. The warm up started out with 3 rounds:

  • 250 meter row
  • 15 kettlebell swings (35/26)
  • 10 burpees
Following this the workout was prescribed as follows for time:

  • 100 front squats (115/95)
  • EMOM 20 double unders or 40 single jump ropes
At first glance this seems like it might not be too bad until I realized that the 40 singles were going to take up 30 seconds of every minute. In case you are unaware EMOM is Every Minute On the Minute so you stop at the top of every minute to do the jump ropes. I finished this in 12:43 but had to scale the weight down to 95#. I started off with 115# but it became apparent real quickly that this was too much. My form broke down on the first couple and I dropped the weight to 95#. Following this we had a cash out prescribed as 20-15-10-5:

  • pull-ups
  • push-ups
So you do 4 rounds with 20 reps of each exercise the first time, 15 the next and so on. Coach Brent did time this one but the times were not posted on the web page. This was not really supposed to be timed so that is fine. My legs are screaming today and I have a hockey game tonight, should be fun.

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