Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buy Organic or Not

There has been a lot of talk in the news today about a new study by some Stanford University Center for Health Policy scientists comparing organic and non-organic foods. You can read a bit about it on most any news site but I read the NY times article on the subject which you can find here. Maybe the most surprising thing to me was the fact that while 38% of the non-organic fruits and veggies had trace amounts of pesticides 7% of the organics did as well. So while you have a statistically better chance of getting pesticide free produce if you go organic if you are unlucky enough to be getting yours from one of the sources that are in the 7% you might be better of going with non-organic. Perhaps this contamination is due to neighboring farms spraying their crops but the reason does not really matter if your organics have it. At the very least this study should cause people to question their reasons for paying the extra for the organics and possibly think about if they can verify that they are indeed getting what they think they are.

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