Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yoga put me on my ass.

We got up to do yoga this morning and it was immediately apparent that all the vinyasa's (Plank to Chataranga to Upward Dog to Plank to Downward Dog) were going to be a killer with our triceps being as sore as they are. We made it through all of them but the chataranga's were sketchy for sure. In general I thought we did better than I was expecting given the amount of time we have gone without doing this workout. That said, we are for certain not nearly as flexible today as we were at the end of round one but again I think that will quickly change.

It felt great to get through these exercises and it certainly loosened up all the tight muscles from the past few days. I may have jumped up and gone to shower a bit to fast though because after showering I became somewhat lightheaded and a little nauseous and had to lay down for a few minutes. After a bit I was up and eating and feeling better. I think that between the start of the workout this week as well as the hockey stacked up earlier in the week and the fact that I am doing the phase 1 nutrition plan which is light on carbs things just caught up with me a bit. I am fine now, once I ate I felt much better, but I will have to keep an eye on that and make sure I am eating enough and getting enough sleep.


  1. have you ever felt like you couldn't continue with a yoga pose? what do you suggest to help a gal push through --- or maybe an easier position to make it so i'm doing something and not just sitting on the floor feeling defeated until the next pose comes up?


  2. If there is anyone out there that has not had this happen to them during this yoga routine they are clearly a bad ass. I just did Yoga on Sunday and the whole half moon sequence is crazy and I think I have only been able to complete the entire sequence once without having to take a break. What I usually do is drop out of the position I can't hold any longer for a few seconds and then get back into it again as soon as I can. Before you know it you will be doing most of the poses without dropping out of them.