Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man am I sore

Shoulders and Arms today and my triceps were still sore from the Chest and Back workout, don't really understand why they don't include triceps in that name since with all those push ups they get shredded. We did look back at our weights and reps from round one for this workout since we needed to get an idea of what weight to use to start out with. It went a little slow given we have not done this one in a while but overall a good workout. This workout was not too much trouble other than the fact that we were sore. Doing Ab Ripper was pretty tough given how sore we both are in the core but I felt pretty good and was able to do more reps of most of the exercises. I am pretty confident we will get back up to speed within the first 2 weeks.

We are trying to get used to the P90X nutrition plan again and that is a little tricky but I think we have it down now. The main thing is to make sure we are eating enough with daily intense workouts and also make sure we are taking our vitamins so we don't get run down and sick.

Below is the picture of our new workout room. The Power Tower is under the Suspension trainer since we did not need it for the workout that day but when we do workouts requiring it we move it to where you see the chair on the right.

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