Monday, July 19, 2010

Back at it, finally!

We hauled our squishy asses out of bed at 5:15 this morning to get a workout in for the first time in a long time and it feels good to be doing something again. To be clear we are not exactly starting a new round today since we are going out of town this weekend but at least we are working out. The plan is to use this week to get back into the swing of things and figure out how to use our new workout space at the new house and then start a round next week when we get back. The space worked well for us with what appears to be enough room for both of us to workout. We have a TV and DVD player mounted on the wall in the corner with mirrors mounted on both walls adjacent to the TV. We have the same weight equipment we used at the old house but because of the construction materials used in the house, engineered wood I-beams, I was unwilling to mount the pull up bars I made for the old house to the ceiling. To get around this we bought a couple of pieces of equipment. We have a Stamina 1700 which we picked up on ebay for $50 and a Fitness Gear 360 we picked up on sale and with a gift card we won so it cost us $100. The Power Tower fits under the Fitness Gear piece for storage so we have more floor space for Plyo and other such workouts but for today, Chest & Back, we obviously needed to use them both. The equipment worked out well with the exception that my pull-up bar on the Fitness Gear piece is textured and I need to get a pair of weightlifting gloves. There are a few improvements to the room we may make but all in all it was a good space. I will try to post a picture of the new room soon.

As far as the workout goes it was not nearly as bad as I think I was expecting. I did have a hockey game last night with a bunch of kids half my age and I have another with them again tonight so that makes things a little more difficult. I intentionally did not go back and look at the numbers I was getting, reps and weight, when we stopped because I did not want to discourage myself but I am sure my numbers today were much lower. Neither of us were able to knock out very many pull-ups, that is one ass kicking exercise, but we did push through and do as many as we could. I was sweating like crazy by the end of the workout and then remembered we still had 16 minutes of Ab ripper X to go. Holy Crap!! This is where the real slide showed itself. At first everything seemed reasonable as we struggled through the In & Outs, Bicycles, and Crunchy Frogs and then we came to the Crossed Leg Wide Leg Sit Up. Neither of us could get our asses up off the floor very well but we did struggle through and get some of these done, not sure how many as I was struggling enough to not even count. The rest of this workout went pretty much the same but we did get through and I suspect we will quickly get back into the shape we were in before. One nice thing is the knee did not bother me at all during the workout although this one does not use it much. I was thinking some of the warm up stuff might be a problem, like running in place, but no pain.

I am just now thinking about how crazy Plyo is going to be tomorrow, that time off is probably really going to show in that workout. Oh well, Bring It!!

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