Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1, sort of...

We took a trip to NC this weekend to see some family and so I did not post anything. We got up Friday morning and did the Legs & Back routine before we left. The workout went well but I did find the exercise that I can't do because my knee hurts too bad when I try it. The Super Skaters were just too much for that leg. It was strange too because nothing else in the routine gave me a problem but I knew as soon as I did the first one of these I had to stop. It felt like my knee was just going to give out on me right from the start. I just skipped this exercise on that leg and will try again this week.

We took it a little easy on the nutrition this weekend but not too bad and I did do the Yoga workout with my sister-in-law on Sunday. She has been doing Yoga for a few years and it was nice to get some feedback from her on this workout. Having never done any yoga other than this workout I was never really sure how this yoga routine would compare to say a class at the local gym. She was impressed with it and familiar with most of the moves. She says the level of difficulty is in line with some of the more advanced classes she has taken, good to know.

That brings us to today, day 1. I had a late hockey game last night and apparently there was some miscommunication between my wife and I as to when we would workout today so we did not get up and do the workout this morning. We will do it tonight but I am not sure how the rest of the week will work out because I have a game Wed. as well. Maybe do Plyo tomorrow morning after the workout tonight. We will need to go right to bed after the workout though. Looks like another long week of workouts but it feels good and I am already seeing some changes in m mid section after just last week. We are still getting used to the nutrition plan again but it is going pretty well.

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