Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2 with a bonus

We did the day 1 workout, Chest & Back, last night and finished up around 9:45 pm. We pushed it at a quick pace and finished the workout in something like 10-15 minutes faster than if you sit there and listen to Tony blathering on and on. Don't get me wrong, I like Tony but we were planning on getting up this morning to do Plyo so we wanted to finish and get to bed. We made some good gains over last weeks dry run and we were especially surprised at how much easier we were able to do the Ab Ripper workout. It is amazing how quickly your body can adapt to being worked hard. I don't think we are going to be nearly as sore this week as we were last week thank goodness, I could barely function last week.

We got up at about 5:45 am this morning and did the Plyo workout for day 2 and man is this one tough, I love it. I had forgotten how I sit there throughout saying how I hate the current sequence the most and then we get to the next one and I hate it even more. I think it is more to do with the fact that it just seems to go on and on and on and never ends. I love this workout, what a sweat it works up.

So what is the bonus? I have another hockey game tonight so it is a rough week again and we are a day behind because we did not start the workouts until Tuesday rather than Monday. Sunday/Monday will be even more fun since we have Kenpo in the morning then I have a hockey game at 12:45 and another at 6:40 then we have to get up Monday morning and do Chest & Back again. This brings up a question I get from people from time to time about "how do you fit the workouts into your schedule" and this is an example, be flexible and do them when you can. Sometimes this will mean doing one at night and then another in the morning, try to keep that to a minimum, or doing a workout very late at night because you don't get home until late. You need to just make the time to do it and stick with it. That being said don't be afraid to change the schedule up a bit if needed or skip a day and then continue as long as you are not making a habit of it.

I also weighed myself this morning just to get an idea of where I am starting at. This morning I was153.6 with a 14.7% body fat number. I know these scales are not as accurate with the body fat number as calipers but I think this number is a reasonable estimation and if nothing else I can compare numbers over time from the same source to make sure I am trending in the right direction. We also discovered last night when we went to open our new whey protein that we had somehow managed to buy strawberry rather than our usual double rich chocolate. This flavor turns out to be nasty, so much so that Sarah is going to try to exchange it today because it is basically undrinkable. The problem is it has that fake sugar in it that just tastes horrible (we use this brand).

I forgot to mention that over the weekend our Yoga DVD had some errors in it so I contacted beachbody and they are sending a replacement. I have said before and I will say again, spend the extra $14 for the lifetime replacement plan since this is the 3rd DVD that has gone bad on me since I got the program. If you did not get it when you bought the system but are still within the fist year they will let you add it.

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