Friday, January 28, 2011

Days 3 & 4

Sorry I missed posting a day but it was a bit hectic with the snow around here, I did get the workouts in though. I played hockey on Tuesday so did no workout that day. Wednesday we did arms and shoulders. This is a fun workout that goes by pretty quickly and since it focuses on muscles that you can generally see results with quickly it gives pretty good gratification. We took a little extra time doing this one because it is all weighted exercises and since we had not done it in so long we had to get the weights we were going to use right but it all worked out and my arms feel good. Yesterday we did yoga during the middle of the day since Sarah was hosting some sort of candle selling party last night. This is another workout that will humble the crap out of you if you have not done it in a while. Clearly I am not very flexible any more and my core strength is down from where it used to be. we skipped the last two vinyasa sequences but other than that I think we made it through fairly well but 3 months will do a number on you, as Tony says in one of the videos I am just a bit loose in the cage but we will get that straightened out here pretty quickly.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2, Plyo

Well that was a humbling experience. If you look back through my historical posts you will note that this has always been my favorite workout but I also have never done it coming off of an actual break from working out. We have not worked out in 3 months other than Sundays day 1 and man did this plyo workout put the smack down on our asses. This is the only time, including the first time we did this workout in the first round, that I ever had to do modified moves on any of this. I was always able to complete each exercise as prescribed but not this time. It was only a few things I had to modify though and I did still do them even if in the modified form. at one point when I was doing a modified move Sarah asked if I wanted her to skip that section, that is why she is not the motivator of the two of us. It felt good to do this workout again though and I am looking forward to seeing the improvements as we move ahead. What I am not so much sure I am looking forward to is tonights hockey game because my legs are likely to be getting sore by then.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1, again

Feeling much better now after the stomach flu and we did the day 1 workout, chest and back, again yesterday. I think it went a little better than last week but am sure we will be sore as hell again tomorrow. The ab ripper workout, while still a horrible struggle was better than last week and should get better real fast doing it 3 times a week. We started on Sunday because I have hockey on Tuesday so we will do Plyo tonight and then resume the regular schedule on Wednesday. We have been doing well with the nutrition with the exception of pizza Saturday night when we had some friends over but that kind of thing will happen from time to time and we are not going to go crazy about things. I also still have a couple Sam Adams in the refrigerator that I will probably finish of at some point over the next couple weeks, maybe super bowl. Nice to be back at it, it feels good to get those muscles doing something again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sore, have some ginger

Interesting article about some recent studies into ginger and its ability to ease muscle soreness in the days after a tough workout. Looks like there may be something there based on the current research. How long you think it will be before everyone is marketing new ginger supplements for some outrageous price?

What the hell happened?

Well this was supposed to be the first week of a new round but things got a little messed up and it did not really work out that way. I played hockey on Monday as panned and we were scheduled to do Plyometrics on Tuesday night but I came down with a stomach flu that day and didn't eat anything really for a couple days. I am still pretty tired but am at least back to eating normally now. This appears to be the same bug Sarah and the kids had a week or two ago which I thought I had escaped, no such luck. An interesting thing I noticed was how long it took the soreness from the chest and back workout to go away. Sarah and I were both pretty sore given we had not worked out in about 3 months but her soreness was gone a couple days before mine. Mine did not seem to get any better until after the flu cleared up. I assume this is just the body prioritizing what it needs to work on but I have nothing to back that up with. I just found it interesting. On a good note I lost 4 pounds over this week, I weighed in this morning at 159 pounds down from the 163 I was on Sunday. Not the ideal way to lose the pounds but whatever. The plan now s we will reload and start again on Sunday, hopefully this week will go a little better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Long term burn

Read an interesting article in the NY Times here. I have, over the past couple years, read a lot about exercise and weight loss and this claim that people who exercise continue to burn calories long after finishing the workout is fairly pervasive in the fitness community. This research and the one of a kind machine used to execute it seems to contradict that, sort of. If I read this right you do get long term burn IF you exercise intensely and not if you exercise moderately. The other thing I get from this article is that even if you don't get the extra burn people who exercise vigorously have a warm feeling for hours after their workout is done. My conclusion is unchanged by all of this. Exercising intensely makes me feel good all day long. It also burns lots more calories while I am doing it than if I don't go as intensely. Finally the key to weight loss remains unchanged, diet. The nutrition is the key and the exercise is the support for it so work hard during every workout but pay very close attention to you diet and eat smart if you want good results.

Back for another round, Day 1

I just had a look back at the blog and it looks like we have been off the wagon since the middle of October. we were discussing this last night and couldn't believe how quickly the time went by. If you remember we were both having some issues with injuries when we stopped, Sarah had a shoulder issue and I had a knee problem. Sarah seems to be good on the shoulder front and for the most part my knee seems to be good although I don't think I will be doing too much running for a while. We also let the nutrition side of things slip, over the holidays especially, while we were on this break. Bottom line is we are both a bit on the squishy side and I weighed in this morning at 163 pounds which is at least 8 above where I should be. So with that in mind we are back at it. we are also signed up for a Warrior Dash in May so we don't want to get out there for that and make fools of ourselves. May try to sign up for something in the fall as well since this seems to be a pretty good motivator to get back on the program.

We did the Chest and back workout last night along with ab-ripper. We did a little better than I was expecting given the amount of time we have been off and the number of holiday parties full of garbage food we have been to. We clearly lost some strength but the push ups an pull ups went pretty well. When we got the ab ripper part it was a different story. We got our asses handed to up pretty well by the ab ripper routine but since we do it 3 times a week I am guessing that will come back pretty quickly. My triceps are pretty damn sore today as well as my upper back but it feels good. It felt really good to be working out again last night as well after having been off for so long. We started last night instead of today because I have hockey tonight so there will be no workout today. we will try to stay as close to the schedule as possible though for the 90 days and get on the nutrition strictly as well. The nutrition will probably take us a couple days to get back into strictly but we will get there. As I have mentioned, as have others, the nutrition is probably the most important part of losing the extra pounds especially the last few. Glad to be back at it.