Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another bit of a setback

Well we finally got some equipment put together in our new "gym" at the new house. I still need to mount the TV and DVD player so we can have that where it belongs but it could be used where it is now. The diet has been OK but not great and I am feeling soft. I wanted to get some workouts going at least a few days a week but I injured my knee this past week in a hockey game. The doctor says I probably have a small tear in my meniscus and am to let the pain be my guide as to when and what I do. I apparently am not going to hurt it more but I was not able to do steps very well at first and it is still feeling pretty unstable, there is no way I could do something like plyo right now. It is getting better though and I am planning to try to play hockey Sunday and see how that feels. Hoping to get back into at least some workouts, a prep run of a few weeks before starting another round, maybe next week or the week after.