Friday, May 21, 2010

Ahhh Pudding

Well we settle on the new house next week and I can't wait to get unpacked and get back to working out. We have been pretty good as far as eating goes and no weight gain has occurred, it is amazing how easy it is to maintain once you reach the weight you want but how fast you can gain when you eat wrong. I am sure the first few weeks will be tough given the fact that I am turning from a rather tight in shape to something more resembling a squishy bowl of pudding. This is another interesting thing I am learning, weight is not everything. I am certainly much more healthy today than 2 years ago but I am also not as healthy as a few months ago although I am still the same weight. It should be relatively fast though to get back to where we want to be once we get unpacked and ready to start the daily workouts again. Another interesting thing about this program has been the long term affect on our diet. I had mentioned previously that I felt that it had been life changing and we would never go back to eating like we had before but i is hard to know for sure until you stop the daily workouts for a while but the diet stuck and I don't think I could ever go back to the way I was eating before. Don't get me wrong, we eat things that are not on the plan, desserts mostly, now but only occasionally and in much smaller portions than we used to.

Can't wait to start bringing it again, stay tuned.