Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Helen, sort of

Yesterday I did one of the crossfit benchmark workouts. If you are not familiar, kind of like me, these are workouts that can be used to gauge progress over time. So you time yourself doing one and then at some point later do it again and the idea is you should get faster, I chose to do Helen, well sort of. As prescribed Helen is 3 rounds for time:

  • 400 meter run
  • 21 kettle-bell swings 55lbs
  • 12 pull-ups
I had to adjust a bit. My runs were really about 500 meters because the 400 meter loop is about 50 meters from my house. I also used a dumbbell instead of kettle-bell for the swings because I don't have kettle-bells. I also used a 25 lb dumbbell instead of 55 lb because this is a new exercise to me and I wanted to concentrate on the motion and get it right. Finally, in between the run and the other exercises I have to come inside and down to my basement since that is where my equipment is so that costs me a bit of time. I completed the workout in 13:36, will try again in a couple months and see how it goes.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a little run

Got up early this morning and went for a run on the beach for the sunrise. Today is our last day at the beach and it looks like it is going to be a good one. I had come across a pull-up bar just off the beach someplace while we were walking the other day so the plan was to run a bit to there and do my standby workout with the jump squats, dips, burpees, plank, pull-ups... but I must have passed it so I decided to just do some running. I ended up going a little over 3 miles in about 27 minutes for a 9 minute mile pace. I normally would be a little disappointed in that but running on the beach is a bitch. Wish I did not have to go back and work next week, I could get used to working out on the beach.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another run on the beach

Went out on the beach today and ran 1.1 miles out, did 20 burpees with a pushup, ran the 1.1 miles back, and finished up with another 20 burpees. It is tough to run in the sand and there were also 20-25 knot headwinds on the way out which made it tough.

For anyone looking for a new workout routine you might want to check out the latest craze in Korea, smh.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nice view

We are on vacation this week at the beach and I got up early to workout and watch the sunrise. I did a 1 mile run on the beach but every minute of running I stopped and performed the following:

  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
I finished 8 cycles of the above in the just over 16 minutes it took me to run the mile. It was a fun workout but not nearly as taxing as the burpee ladder I did the other day and that had no running involved. The view was outstanding though.

Need to start looking for something to do on Wed.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am still around

I have been doing the following workout for a while now:

1 mile run
3 circuits of the following
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 dips
  • 10 burpees with a push up
  • 1 minute plank
  • 10 pull ups
  • 20 steam engines
  • 10 Romanian deadlifts on each leg
  • 10 pike press push ups
1 mile run

This week I started changing things up a bit. I did the workout above on Mon and then Wed. I did the following:
  • 19  burpees with a push up
  • rest for 20 to 30 seconds
  • 18  burpees with a push up
  • rest for 20 to 30 seconds
  • 17  burpees with a push up
  • rest for 20 to 30 seconds
  • 16  burpees with a push up
  • continue all the way down to 1
This pretty thoroughly kicked my ass.

Yesterday I did the following as a variation of the workout fitbomb did, since he is much more badass than I am apparently and I could not hang with the reps he did. He did 20/30/40/50 and I dropped them each by 10 but maybe I will try it again in a few months and see.

3 circuits of the following with 3 minute rest between
  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 30 Abmat Sit-ups
  • 40 Squats
I am looking to start changing the workouts more frequently, like daily maybe. I would almost like to join a crossfit gym but that would mean going to the crossfit gym to workout and that ain't gonna happen. It just adds to much additional time to the day.